A Digital Presence You Can Be Proud Of

Wherever you need to be present in the digital world, whatever medium or format, our Experience team will build your platform and carve out a commanding space in the digital landscape.

Software development is a melding of technology and art. Our mission is to deliver a unique experience that enhances and promotes your brand. From concept and design to architecture and implementation, our Experience team will ensure your full-stack requirements are met in a timely manner with the utmost quality and communication in mind.

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Project Management

The success of your initiatives relies not only on technical expertise, but in the discipline of Project Deliver. Our Scrum-certified PMO team can come in at any point of your project and provide an analysis of your efficiencies and processes. Bring us in from the beginning and we can provide a smooth project plan from the start.

We offer:

  • Project Triage
  • Team Measurement and Performance Analysis
  • Delivery Management and Oversight

Establish Requirements

We begin by establishing user needs and personas. Typical questions:

Content and Back-End

  • Which solutions address your needs in the most practical manner?
  • What integrations are needed?
  • What are performance and traffic expectations?
  • What existing content needs to be transferred and how should it look?

Your platform should be rock-steady and performant so that you can serve your customers in a reliable, stable manner. We offer extensive services of development and support.

Design and Front-End

  • Will the typical user be using a phone?
  • Do you have a younger or older audience?
  • Do users employ current technology?

The resulting data provides a goal for the interaction designer, visual designer, and front-end developer to target.

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Engineering & Back-end Services

Engineering is what we refer to as the structure and plumbing of your digital presence. The foundation of your digital presence is vital to your success now and in the future, which is why we have made Engineering a core strength of our Experience team.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) – Adobe Preferred Partner

Adobe provides our preferred tool for building digital experiences. Adobe’s flagship Content Management System, AEM provides robust, scalable content management for enterprises that need to provide a rich and integrated experience for their customers. As an Adobe Preferred Partner, we can solve your AEM challenges with you as an integrated partner, advisors, or as an augmented part of your team.

Any AEM Project

New Initiatives

Projects from scratch, where we provide full end-to-end delivery of your most critical projects.

Staff Augmentation

You provide the work, we provide the talent, ready to go day 1.

AEM Version Upgrades

An often complex and frustrating process, we are experts in getting you from version to version.

Team Instruction on AEM

Our AEM certified team has packages for your team to get them up and working on AEM. Development and Editorial tracks are available.

Content Management System Expertise

We don’t only focus on AEM. Our extensive background in CMS development includes world-class experience in the following CMS platforms:

  • Hippo
  • Scene 7
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
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Create a scalable framework that allows you to transact online. Ecommerce projects take special consideration of scale and user experience. Our team can build an online storefront that is designed for users and built for scale.


  • Magento
  • Hybris
  • Elastic Path


Your sites and apps are only as good as the platforms they run on. We provide full service DevOps expertise to make your applications scalable at the press of a button. Whether hosting in-house or on popular cloud infrastructures, we can give you the experience and expertise you need to ensure that your services never go down.


  • System Architecture
  • Strategic Operations and IT planning
  • Automation Best Practices
  • System Health-check
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Design & Front-end Development

We aren’t just about back-end solutions. Our front-end team develops engaging user experiences for whatever devices your customers are using. Adaptable, responsive, and immersive – we use a proven, methodical approach to communicate a clear, true vision of your brand.

Create Interactive Wireframes & Design Documents

Design must be prototyped and tested before we begin build. These documents often leverage the Axure platform to create rapid prototypes using the business and creative requirements. This document will cover how mobile, tablet, and desktop will be displayed and what happens when a user interacts with the site.

Create Visual Design Documents

These documents will be created in Photoshop or InDesign and will establish (among other things) the ‘grid’ used in the responsive design. This grid is often built in conjunction with front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap’s or Foundation’s grid system. The visual designs will convey the look and feel of the site and will build upon the interactive design.

Build the Flagship

Using the interaction and visual design documents created in previous steps, a front-end developer will create a flagship file incorporating the front-end framework (if used) into a front-end mock up. This can be built inside or outside of the final platform. After built, a link will be supplied for the client to review and approve the flagship.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in one or more of these services, please contact us to start a conversation and talk about the details of your needs and business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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